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At a time of massive digital changes, a new magazine providing gas related info has emerged. Natural Gas World helps better understand the gas challenges going ahead. A must read.

Dr. Thierry Bros - Founder & Senior Research Fellow Oxford Institute for Energy Studies - Voted best European gas analyst 2013-2017

Natural Gas World is my ‘go-to’ periodical for news and analysis on all natural gas-related matters. It’s cutting edge and incisive, which is why I find it so interesting"

Rune Bjørnson

Delighted to start a new subscription to the very well written & informative Natural Gas World Magazine

The Oxford Institute of Energy Studies Library (@OIESlibrary) February 9, 2017

Natural Gas World Magazine

Natural Gas World delves into current developments and the most critical events, globally, explaining and analyzing why they matter and their potential short to medium term consequences. Our panel of independent experts and  team of highly experienced energy journalists with contacts at all levels of industry, will provide subscribers with insight, context and background to ongoing developments of what companies, countries and people are doing in the gas sector and where their own risks and opportunities lie, allowing you to make informed decisions vis a vis your work.

Neither a real-time news service nor a price or technical data provider, Natural Gas World will feature analysis and information concerning political, financial, investment and related news.  Natural Gas World subscribers will receive accurate and reliable key facts and figures about what is going on in your industry, explaining the news with the sharpest comment there is, so you are fully able to discern what concerns you and your business.

With Natural Gas World, you will be empowered to fully grasp the world of natural gas like never before.

Blog posts

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Tecpetrol gives Vaca Muerta further boost - NGW Magazine

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