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From Volume 3, Issue 8 onwards our magazine is only available to NGW Premium Subscribers. We will no longer make available the option to purchase single issues. If you would like to subscribe, please visit www.naturalgasworld.com

At a time of massive digital changes, a new magazine providing gas related info has emerged. Natural Gas World helps better understand the gas challenges going ahead. A must read.

Dr. Thierry Bros - Founder http://thierrybros.com & Senior Research Fellow Oxford Institute for Energy Studies - Voted best European gas analyst 2013-2017

Natural Gas World is my ‘go-to’ periodical for news and analysis on all natural gas-related matters. It’s cutting edge and incisive, which is why I find it so interesting"

Rune Bjørnson

Delighted to start a new subscription to the very well written & informative Natural Gas World Magazine

The Oxford Institute of Energy Studies Library (@OIESlibrary) February 9, 2017


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