Volume 2, Issue 10 - May 22, 2017

Volume 2, Issue 10 - May 22, 2017

Natural Gas World

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Ukraine: not for the faint-hearted
Despite the destabilising armed pro-Russian presence in the former Soviet Republic, Ukraine is inching ever further towards liberal markets – but some old habits die hard.

NGW Interview: Burisma Group
East Europe-focused Burisma Group’s adviser, Vadym Pozharsky, spoke to NGW about the risks and rewards of operating in Ukraine’s upstream.
Continental rivals eclipse the UK and NBP
Significant changes are on the table for continental Europe’s most established gas trading hubs, as mergers are mooted and the TTF swells.

Europe’s gas industry questions its future 
This year’s Flame conference in Amsterdam, although better attended than some in recent years, did little to dispel the sense of foreboding hanging over Europe’s gas industry.

Small LNG is acceptable: Kapsarc
In this generally bearish context, small LNG projects may have the edge on other schemes. Kapsarc LNG researcher Anne-Sophie Corbeau told NGW that the advantage of Fortuna, the Ophir-led project off Equatorial Guinea, was its small size and proximity to Europe. “This is the kind of project the market needs,” she said. “It does not want to commit to large volumes for long term.”

Global energy markets: today and tomorrow
The global energy transformation is gaining pace, and with it, the role of the International Energy Agency. Set up at a time of oil supply shocks, it has reinvented itself as a monitor of all kinds of energy markets.

LNG, gas developers figure on debt crisis list
Problems with sovereign debt repayment can be an obstacle in the way of highly capital intensive but important infrastructure projects, including LNG and gas to power schemes.

Israel, Turkey square up again
The latest displays of belligerence triggered a desperate response from Israeli producers, worried about the future of their gas exports.

Petrobras $21bn sale plan gets approval
Brazil’s Petrobras is planning to sell $21bn of assets but low prices and geology can attract investors to its core oil and gas businesses.

Bangladesh contracts for LNG
Bangladesh is getting ready to import a wave of LNG following work on a number of import terminals and negotiations with sellers.

NGW interview: Abbas Aliabadi, CEO of Iranian engineering giant Mapna Group
Mapna has a rapidly filling order-book for its technology and is making equipment under licence for its foreign partners.

Iran split over IPC
Iran’s solution to the problem in attracting foreign investors has replaced external criticism of the licensing regime with internal criticism of it.

Santos relaxed over Chinese ownership
Australian producer Santos is battling against strong headwinds, both commercial and regulatory. Having defended itself from an earlier takeover, it is now resisting less vigorously.

US agreement balances trade with China
The US has finally allowed the export of LNG to China “no less favourably than other non-FTA trade partners with regard to LNG export authorisations.

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