Volume 2, Issue 12 - June 19, 2017

Volume 2, Issue 12 - June 19, 2017

Natural Gas World

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* China’s shift to gas
Challenges with air pollution have brought natural gas to the fore in China. Between now and 2030 China expects its gas demand to more than double.

* Singapore: favourite for Asian LNG hub
Singapore has many conditions for a Asian gas hub to flourish: a good location, low taxes and a free-trade mindset. All that is missing is high gas demand.

* The myth of ‘coal is dead’
The phrase ‘coal is dead’ has been gaining popularity for a while now, but is it based on hard facts or are its opponents speaking too soon?

* US-EU energy co-operation ‘historic event’
It took almost 18 months from the Sabine Pass start-up, but the first US LNG cargo has arrived in Poland – the starting point for a north-south gas corridor.

* Chipping away at Gazprom in Europe
One pair of agreements, between BP and Rosneft, stood out above the rest at the June St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

* Majors show more interest in Greece
The majors have been slow to invest in the waters around Greece but they are now waking up to the possibilities on offer.

* Azerbaijan throws weight behind gas
A petroleum pioneer for over a century, Azerbaijan is now having to shift its energy towards gas field development for its own use and export.

* Iraq Fires Up Anti-Flaring Programme
After some years of rising flaring in Iraq, producers are expected to have stemmed the damage and more improvement may come.

* Gail gets creative with gas
Gail’s gas portfolio is expanding with its spot purchases and existing LNG deliveries from Qatar – via Petronet – joining long-term commitments it has with US LNG operators.

* Fierce rivalries
Reality rarely obliges government forecasters, and Statoil’s analysis suggests the armies of planners working on the Paris Agreement will be disappointed.

* China strengthens ties with Latin America
China needs markets and industries overseas as part of its global expansion and is stepping in where US firms fear to tread.

* President seeks partners for Paraguay
UK President Energy has appointed specialist global oil and gas adviser Envoi to help market farm-outs of its interests in the Pirity and the Hernandarias basins in Paraguay

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