Volume 2, Issue 15 - July 31, 2017

Volume 2, Issue 15 - July 31, 2017

Natural Gas World

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Pioneering LNG in India’s downstream
LNG is the quickest way to get gas to new consumers – if not the cheapest: India’s network of roads and waterways is being pressed into service as gasification spreads.

Jupiter’s holiday reading
As a French energy expert, I’m often asked what the new president Emmanuel Macron is planning to do. As I have no inside information, here instead are some suggestions.

A Tale of Two Car Bans
France and the UK this month both promised to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2040.

US piles on the sanctions
Sanctions must be carefully targeted as they can boost popularity of the target state’s head of government and create new tensions and alliances.

Brazil pursues market liberalisation
Petrobras must cut the amount of gas it buys from neighbouring Bolivia, as the government tries to open up the import market to other companies.

Oman gas: bridging the gap
With first gas from its vast Khazzan field due in the next few months, Oman is still pursuing other ways of safeguarding its energy supplies including a pipeline from Iran and other imports.

Cyprus drilling tests relationships
Cyprus entered a new era in July as a potential upstream province: the country’s first well is now being drilled in block 11. Geological risk is just one problem that the operators might have to deal with.

Decarbonising European power
Many businesses accept the need to limit global temperatures, and those in the energy sector need to be innovative and develop new solutions to these challenges, the GIE conference heard.

Philippines weighs LNG against coal
With the Malampaya gas field down to its last five years of operation, the Philippines is looking for LNG as a replacement but may have to settle for coal.

Energy spend switches to electricity
The electricity sector edged ahead of the fossil fuel supply industry – coal, oil and gas – to become the largest recipient of world energy investment in 2016 for the first time ever.

SA regulations deter investors
Natural gas may fall victim to aggressive tightening of South African rules on black empowerment as political upheavals leave investors worried.

Government scares off investors
Even before the release of the new Mining charter, South African business leaders have been concerned by the sacking of the respected finance minister Pravin Gordhan, and the subsequent downgrading of the country by the ratings agencies.

What’s happening with CCS?
Carbon capture & storage is the necessary adjunct to fossil fuel use, in industry as in power, if the Paris Agreement on limiting global warming has a hope of being realised.

Shell willing to prioritise Qatar LNG
As the world’s biggest LNG exporter and world’s biggest LNG trader, Qatar and Shell have much to gain and little to lose from closer co-operation.

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